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The Wandering Daughter

by Piah Mater

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Sergey Serebryanskiy
Sergey Serebryanskiy thumbnail
Sergey Serebryanskiy Better Opeth than Opeth. Beautiful melodies, amazing production, fantastic genre range. One of the best releases of 2018. Favorite track: The Meek's Inheritance.
sonicnerveinduction84 thumbnail
sonicnerveinduction84 This album is a melding of Opeth's Blackwater Park, Deliverance and the Prog post metal moments of Enslaved. Vocals are more powerful than in the prior release. For those searching the old Opeth sound sprinkled with a bit more Prog, this is sure to please. Favorite track: The Sky is Our Shelter.
TheEliteExtremophile thumbnail
TheEliteExtremophile A great, very Opeth-inspired prog-death album. Full review here:
Nick thumbnail
Nick What I love about this music is that it seems to take a hell of a lot from old Opeth but it really stands on its own. It's a very delectable progressive death metal experience. Favorite track: Solace in Oblivion.
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Hyster 03:20
Lurid, Their eyes glow in face of the morning dawn Godless All life stems from the sun, Now their sole guidance Brought into the realms of evil To catalyze the course of grief Raking through the dire remembrance Onward into the woods The lamb lies dormant by the blackened stake Gnawing the breasts of a burning, a crippled burning witch Lost to the past Harboring tears of anguish In the form of eulogy Solace is found In the hands of a strangling forest A foul deliverance He walks into the shrine of inner solitude To find nature's descent and chaos seeping through (All come into view) Headlong into the blinding white Prone to disappear Fair to the eyes of a martyred father's son The sun casting her shade over fallen ruins Rests earlier than these eyes sanctify its hues (As she bathes in the dew) Could all these trials leave one undaunted to all but guilt's smothering fog? The lowering stars seal her bloodshot eyes Sinking further down the mat of leaves And when words failed you, You let your body tell the story One of many endings and many beginnings A fable of sorrow and solitude Now hot-forged into your skin It was sore But by the time the tears started flowing They were quickly muted by the hammering of the nail So you let out a scream One loud enough to deafen nature’s pantheon If only they could listen You roar Hoping that every salted wound Every ounce of charred skin, Every blooddrop yet to taint the crust of the earth Could find a voice in the howling of the wind For then, and only then Peace would be known to men. Headlong into the blinding white Prone to disappear Safe in the prayer of a mother, long gone… Forgotten tales of winter Recited to the wind by heart An unknown heritage of bygone spirits Those words were everything that's left Augured exile Trapped in the lair of wolves An ailing sinner's strain Fled from the distant Beacons of excess To die in the squalor of failed ambitions Violence is slowly tearing open a rift inside Stillborn deconstruction Reveals all that never was An ode to patriarchy Empires will rise Kings, enthroned Come the deluge All shall succumb
Chaos Spreads Weighing down Bound to reign Drifting from the heavens Cold feathers tear the lungs of earth Devoid of strenght Salted waters swallowing dry The healing is over Back to the shore To our stranded carrion What's driven us so far? The burden of time Or the deafening sounds of murmurs Ringing still... It all sprung from weakness And like tare in fields of wheat, the threat was mirrored The heart of old ambitions Won't take the pain away Away… Violence speaks in tongues unknown Luring to the serpent’s call This forest breathes its final light Across our mortal great divide Pressure And the void it fills The pulse of the waters Washes off the blood Crestfallen, The demons wailed The sea covers A memory lost to shame Vengeance The fall of men Now the trees are the only witness left to stand But they show no mercy Crestfallen, The demons wailed The sea covers A memory torn to shreds The tide is churning Reflections whirl The scars are merging All hope is gone It all sprung from weakness Like plague in fields of green The heart of all ambitions Won't take the pain away
Starry eyes open in silence Fate is sealed, from here until the lights go out The falling leaves Meet us at the brink of madness Woefully Dreading for the moment we'll sink How could you’ve barely spared me a sound goodbye The tears that never flowed are corroding inside You've forsaken me Hopeless in my darkest hour Failing to see Our paths are entwined eternally Far behind, Years of endless rain I was the one you failed one last time Halfway there And back into your arms To see the light of day one last time Now come outside, the sky is our shelter In the aftermath of our dystopian dream Far behind, Years of endless rain I was the one you failed one last time Halfway there And back into your arms To see the light of day one last time
It is mine The earth and the skies And all living things in between Share my blood In the vast wild beyond Nothing transcends the equivalence of nature's will It is neither by the course of the herd Nor by the light of a dead god I tread my path Yet tonight, the mountains have cried The current of every river Leads to me Here is my ambition Here is my escape A haven to all who strayed Derision in my words For all that is dying As seasons pass them by Standing there for too long Absorbing the essence of the moon and sun… That was me Barefoot on searing embers Reeking of sweat Hauling the stones uphill Helplessly fettered to a swollen shadow Heavy and worn A blow of lethargic splendor Those wounds will never mend or barely resemble the former serenity of these placid eyes And as specks of dust filled up my lungs I reminisced on days of spring The solitude of hours crashing at those who wait while pain lingers Invite me to one last dance by the edge of my soul's cliff And there lied my convictions There lied my defenses Home to my failed pretenses Befoulment of virtue Caught in the twilight of defeat Paralyzed No remnants of a past when kings strode the earth No treasured monuments stand aloft No sacred songs were hummed, no candles lit The shrine I've risen here feeds off the lore of the free Safe in the light A rest by the shoals of memory Gone with the tide Waiting a moment of truce Flags in the pyre Leave it to the fallen ones to lead We greet springtime And lay bare our minds in the sun And there we unwind While planets align Rejoicing our amnesty Oh, our amnesty… And it occurs to me that I'm the only one with a name to forget Safe in the light gone pale in the morning I lost you… And silence followed then As cold as the nightfall Bringing forth a solemn farewell sealed with doubt A point of no return streched out over years The shrine I've sought in ruins resides in the heart of the free
Nourisher of ancient lands soon to be depleted of all life, Kiss the cold winter goodbye and reveal the tenets of your ascension Healing wounds of emptied hands will cauterize Leaning towards the abyss of a man-made paradise Caught in the flare of our impending dawn Ashes of a home Carried with the flow Babylon, Aglow tonight for it burns the eternal flame of opulance Blood in the wool The venom runs deep within you, delivered are the feeble Weaker by the hour And growing used To everlasting afflictions Long stigmatized Our cries erase the blood that soiled this flag Ambitions running low Exiled far below There is a force of hidden nature still blurring the lines of all that's sacred Reaching for the eye that lurks within Vigil to those in ties of kindred Behold! The limb that binds us all as one As one host of the same home One hostage of the same God - Greed Vile is the man that drills the oceans For he cares not of its demise Until it's gone… I inherit the salt of the earth alone Framed as a god in desolation Rolling the dice to heed the calls From a crumbling throne I inherit the flies of the world alone I carry the weight of a soul unredeemed Hear my voice echo on And soar to ends of the Earth Frail and scarred We're finding our way across the edge of time The course of redemption For one sin of Nature's own Is the plight of a nomad Through the unspeakable awe on him bestowed The darker sap that now Drips from the thighs of our mother Will soon quench the thirst Of those who seek a place in the throne


Best experienced outdoors, while exploring new places.


released October 5, 2018

Recorded at Superfuzz & Mata Estúdios with Gabriel Arbex and
Matheus Ullmann.

Produced and mixed by Luiz Felipe Netto.
Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios.


Luiz Felipe Netto (vocals, guitars)
Igor Meira (guitars)
Kalki Avatara (drums)

Luan Moura (bass)
Ronaldo Rodrigues (keyboards)
Helga (vocals on “Hyster”)

Music by LFN, except tracks 2 & 4 by LFN & IM
Lyrics by LFN

Artwork by Sylfvr
Layout by Moornebheym


all rights reserved



Piah Mater Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

New album "The Wandering Daughter" OUT NOW via Code666.

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